Professional Rehabilitation & Occupational Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

199 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: 203-789-8873

ProPT Store - Home Therapy Supplies

Shop here for your home exercise equipment!

Are you finishing up your physical therapy program? Need equipment to continue your exercises at home?  Visit our affiliate store to find the products you need to continue your recovery.  Save on travel time and car fuel expenses by purchasing products online, through our secure web site. To get started, click on the banner, then brouse anywhere you want within the Amazon site. Or, review the categories below, then click on the photos to see more details about the specific items listed.

Shoulder Pulleys


Strengthening Bands, Dumbells 
and Accessories:




Cervical/Lumbar Rolls:


Ergonomic Products:


Ice Pack, Hot Pack, Paraffin:

Exercise Books:

Medical Supplies:

Home Traction Units:



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