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Cold Laser Therapy

Light has been used for healing for many centuries, starting with the Greeks and Romans who recognized the positive effects of sunlight.  We know that when sunlight strikes the skin, our whole body feels the benefits.  Even our brain is affected by the sunlight.  As scientists have understood more about the nature of light and its positive effects on the body, they have been able to develop techniques and devices that use light as part of the healing process.

What is Low Level Laser Light?

Low level laser light is the compressed light of a wavelength from the cold, red  part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.  It is different from natural light in that it is one precise color; it is coherent (it travels in a straight line), monochromatic (a single wavelength) and polarized (it concentrates its beam in a defined location or spot).  These properties allow laser light to penetrate the surface of the skin with no heating effect, no damage to the skin and no side effects.  Rather, laser light directs biostimulative light energy to the body’s cells which the cells then convert into chemical energy to promote natural healing and pain relief.

High Power vs. Low Power Medical Lasers

There are two types of medical laser: high power and low power.  High power lasers are used to cut through tissue.  Low level lasers, on the other hand, are used to stimulate tissue repair through a process of biostimulation.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low level laser therapy is the application of red and near infrared light over injuries or wounds to improve soft tissue healing and relieve both acute and chronic pain.  Low level laser therapy uses cold (subthermal) laser light energy to direct bio-stimulative light energy to the body’s cells without injuring or damaging them in any way.  The therapy is precise and accurate; and offers a safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions. 

How Does Low Level Laser Therapy Work?

Low level lasers supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light.  Light is transmitted through the skin’s layers at all wavelengths in the visible range.  However, light waves in the near infrared ranges penetrate the deepest of all light waves in the visible spectrum.  When low level laser light waves penetrate deeply into the skin, they optimize the immune responses of our blood.  This has both anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects.  It is a scientific fact that light transmitted to the blood in this way has a positive effect throughout the whole body, supplying vital oxygen and energy to every cell.

The Physiological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Improves metabolism

  • Increase of cell metabolism

  • Pain relieve effect

  • Improved blood circulation and vasodilatation

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects

  • Stimulation of wound healing

How Does Low Level Laser Therapy Benefit Users?

  • Relieves acute and chronic pain

  • Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair

  • Increase blood supply

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Stimulates nerve function

  • Develops collagen and muscle tissue

  • Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue

  • Reduces inflammation

Low Level Laser Therapy has been effective in many acute and chronic conditions, most notably Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

If you would like more information regarding this treatment for your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, please contact any of our offices.

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